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Earth Pollution Diagram - everything in earth s system can be placed into one of four major subsystems land water living things or air these four subsystems are called spheres industrial causes of water pollution industrial waste industries cause huge water pollution with their activities these e mainly from sulphur this is a non metallic substance that is harmful to marine life asbestos this pollutant has cancer causing properties when inhaled it can cause illnesses such as asbestosis and some types of cancer printable earth day worksheets earth day encourages the awareness for earth s environment and the conservation of nature earth day was founded by united states senator gaylord nelson paul andersen explains how rock is formed and changed on the pla the video begins with a brief description of rocks minerals and the rock cycle liquid waste sewage wastewater treatment wastewater liquid waste from flushing the toilet.
bathing washing sinks and general cleaning goes down the drain and into a pipe which joins a larger sewer pipe under the road title ocean pollution 1 ocean pollution 2 quick facts about the ocean our pla is made up of 70 water there is 326 000 000 000 000 000 000 gallons 326 million trillion gallons of water on the earth atmospheric aerosol particles also known as atmospheric particulate matter particulate matter pm particulates or suspended particulate matter spm are microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the atmosphere of earth the term aerosol monly refers to the particulate air mixture as opposed to the particulate matter alone sources of particulate matter can be natural or four spheres scientists classify the living and non living material of the earth into four spheres figure 2 24 the lithosphere includes the entire crust of the earth litho is the greek word for stone.
the fixed orientation in space of the earth s axis as it orbits the sun determines the length of the day and creates the world s seasons at the summer solstice the longest day the northern half of the earth is pointing towards the sun creating summer in the northern hemisphere
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